Friday, March 8, 2013

Book of Memory (Chrome Folk Bar-B-Q)

Here is a rough demo track from my band, Chrome Folk Bar-B-Q, of my song, "Book of Memory". Even for the little demo CD we are making, it needs a bit of tweaking, but I am happy that the spirit and energy of the song seems to come through well.

It is a departure in style for us. It is located at my own musical epicenter of 1967-ish Garage Rock, but I'm the only one in the band with a passion for this music. Fortunately, my band mates humored me, and let us record this!

Book of Memory

Frozen moments, sparks were flashing,
Smiles that pierced me to the core.

But I'm nothing to you now, and 
Never shall be any more.

All you taught me is forgotten,
All I taught you, gone the same.
All that’s left is endless sorrow,
Every time I hear your name.

But in God’s own book of memory,

Everything we vowed, still true. 
Nothing can erase our chapter. 
God remembers I loved you.

All our days of secret sharing,
All our times of joyous prayer.
All our highest hopes and fancies,
Faithfully recorded there.

Each is captured, none forgotten,
Like a jewel of great price.
Every promise, kept unbroken,
Every act of sacrifice.

There in God’s own book of memory,
Still we live beyond the pain.
All our kindnesses remembered,
All our love was not in vain.

(© 2011, by Paul Erlandson)

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