Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Thingie Proxy Race is Completed!

Long-time followers of this blog (are there any?) may recall that my son Eliot and I are somewhat involved in the Vintage Slot Car hobby. Well, actually only in a small corner of that hobby, in which vintage Thingie slot cars are raced.

This is now the 3rd year in which cars from all over the world have been sent across continents and oceans to be raced all across Europe by drivers we've mostly not even met. We entered two cars last year and only one this year. The overall results are in, and of 34 cars in the Fast & Scratchbuilt class, we finished 19th. Not bad, considering we really don't know much about building these cars or procuring fast vintage motors. Here are the results:

I've also mentioned Edo Bertoglio before ... Edo is known as the King of the Thingies ... or simply the Thingie Kingie ... and here is why. Take a look at part of his Thingie collection, which will form the centerpiece of an Art Show he is putting on next month:

If you squint real hard, you can see the car I painted for him (3rd row, 6th column ... a purple paisley creation).

For anyone wanting to learn more about the Magical Mystery Tour that was the 2008 Thingie Proxy Race, please click here for Edo's Proxy Diaries!