Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hippie Imperialists.

It's a bit off from the topic of this post, but this is the best piece of seen on the "Occupy" movement.
In Afghanistan, a young American soldier with a locked and loaded M4 assures a band of nervous Pashtun mothers that her platoon will make sure the Taliban don't come and butcher their daughters for the sin of attending school.

A FaceBook friend recently posted this as his status update:
The Pentagon should remarket our wars: I'm looking forward to supporting "Occupy Iraq".
It got me to thinking about the similarities between a military occupation and what the Occupy Wall Street hippies are doing.  By taking over the property of another entity, they are effectively saying:  "We have the right to come wherever we wish, camp out, and do whatever we wish on that property, for as long as we desire.  Because you lack the power to stop us."

There's a word for that, but it is eluding me at the moment.

Oh, yes, it's called Imperialism.

Hypocritical hippies.