Friday, August 26, 2011

Devo: Bastardizing the Blues (Interview from PremierGuitar)

I REALLY enjoyed this interview with Bob Mothersbaugh of DEVO fame!

Among other guitars, Bob plays a G&L SC-2, much like the SC-3 I used to own.  He is absolutely right about that tremelo never going out of tune!

Here is one funny passage from the interview:

Are you picky when it comes to cables and picks?

Well, I like coiled cords but they get all tangled up onstage, so I use a wireless system. I use Dunlop Gator Grip picks, because the outfits we wear onstage make me sweat profusely. The picks have a powder on them that gets sticky when they come into contact with sweat, so I don’t drop many picks.

You wouldn’t want to bend down to retrieve a pick, only to have your Energy Dome fall off.

Exactly, it would spoil the illusion!


A couple of Bob's cool guitars have been featured on the Guitarz blog:
The Blue Potato Guitar!