Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Figurehead

Here is another poem I wrote.  This was for my wife; I wrote it in 2007.

The Figurehead

I am my true love's head, but she the neck:
The crown of Christ's authority I wear.
But she, by will or whimsy, doth direct
All motions of the crown, the head, the hair.

That God created man a quadruped,
Beloved brother Gilbert taught us well!
But which shall be the tail, and which the head?
And how to steer this monster, who can tell?

To all her wifely wisdom, I submit.
But, is such abdication not unjust?

How so, if I employ her sense and wit?
If in my love my heart doth safely trust?

May God, by Whose great wisdom we were wed,
Have mercy upon me, a figurehead.

© 2007, Paul W. Erlandson