Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Greatest Unintentional Gospel Proclamation in Pop/Rock

To me, this has always been the greatest rendering of the Gospel message into the pop/rock genre. It captures the Fall (with Ivor the Engine Driver standing in for the Serpent), Confession/Repentance, and Forgiveness. The best part is the chorus of "You are forgiven!", which comes at the end, like the maddest peal of the bells of heaven.

Confessions comes at around 5:38, and Absolution at about 6:03

I can't believe it
Do my eyes deceive me?
Am I back in your arms?
Away from all harm?

It's like a dream to be with you again
Can't believe that I'm with you again

I missed you and I must admit
I kissed a few and once did sit
On Ivor the Engine Driver's lap
And later with him, had a nap

You are forgiven, you are forgiven, you are forgiven ... (etc.)

You are forgiven