Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cardinal Kasper: FAIL!

From here:

Speaking on the day that the Archbishop of Canterbury met Benedict XVI in Rome, Cardinal Walter Kasper, the president of the Pontifical Council of Christian Unity, said it was time for Anglicanism to "clarify its identity".

He told the Catholic Herald: "Ultimately, it is a question of the identity of the Anglican Church. Where does it belong?

"Does it belong more to the churches of the first millennium -Catholic and Orthodox - or does it belong more to the Protestant churches of the 16th century? At the moment it is somewhere in between, but it must clarify its identity now and that will not be possible without certain difficult decisions."

With all due respect, Cardinal Kasper, this seems a very clueless thing to say. You cannot have known many Anglicans! Does the phrase via media mean nothing to you? The moment Anglicanism comes down firmly on one side or the other (be catholic or reformed), in that very moment, Anglicanism ceases to exist. It is of the essence of Anglicanism not to clarify this issue.

A wise son maketh a glad father ...

A wise son maketh a glad father ... Proverbs 15:20

For most of 1991 and early 1992, I worked in Tyler, Texas for the famous Christian Reconstructionist writer, Gary North. Gary once remarked to me that if a person had identified his true vocation (calling) by age 30, he was ahead of most people in our country.

I sometimes wonder what Gary would have to say about my son Eliot, who identified his vocation by age 3 !!

Eliot is about to turn 14, and plans to enroll in the College for Creative Studies in the Fall of 2012. God willing, he will study Industrial Design, probably focusing most of his efforts in the automotive arena. Here are some recent drawings Eliot has done.

He won an award at the 2008 Avanti Awards for this one:

Just yesterday, Eliot and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bill Jagenow, owner of Brothers Customs in Royal Oak. We spoke with Mr. Jagenow about the possibility of Eliot doing some apprentice work (Bill's shop builds Old Skool hot rods) for them this summer.

Seeing this young man of mine reach for and fulfil his dreams gives me a kind of joy and hope that very little else has been able to produce in me. My son has made me a glad father.