Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michigan Artist Candy Draper!

I have met more great visual artists this year than in my entire previous life combined.  I am not sure of all the reasons for this, but it is a huge blessing to me!

The latest artist I've met is Candy Draper, a fellow Metro Detroit painter.  I found out about her because of an art show we are both entering in nearby Hazel Park, Michigan.

Candy is influenced by the art of Jackson Pollock.  But she has her own style.  Several different styles, in fact.  I was smitten by her work when I first saw it, and am happy to say that I now have a few of her paintings in my collection!

Here is the first work I ever saw of Candy's, which I bought yesterday.  It is 24" x 36", and I entitled, Monster Under My Bed:

I also bought this one, which is called Wish:

Candy has many more such paintings for sale, as well as less expensive 8" x 10" paintings in a similar style.  She is currently needing to sell a large number of paintings quickly, to raise funds, so if you have any interest in collecting her art, please contact me and I will help you find out how to buy her art!