Thursday, February 21, 2013

Broken Down Cars & Unconditional Love

So, the reason I posted all the sins of my Mercury LN7 was because of what I think it has taught me about Unconditional Love.

This car has betrayed me over and over again, on a nearly daily basis.  It has tried in several ways to kill me.  It devises new and bizarre ways to fail me.  And yet, I love the car.  It seems crazy, I know, but I have chosen this car to be my own and will not go back on that choice.

And that is just the way God has been with me.  I am even worse to God than my LN7 is to me.  And yet He continues to love me and work on fixing me up.  I sometimes doubt that God can really love someone as unfaithful and guilty of betrayal as I am.  But I am forced to either one of two conclusions.  Either, (1) I think that my capacity for loving the unlovely exceeds God's; or (2) God really is able to love me in spite of my failings.

I think I'll go with the latter.