Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Episcopal Church Today - A Quick Status Check

(H/T: Christopher Johnson)

From the
Diocese of California website:

Saint Mary the Virgin hosts hot steamy night of Scripture

On the night before the big election, I was done with campaigning and the last thing I wanted to see was another political commercial. My pre-election tension was high, as a Facebook friend wrote in her status that she felt “the same anxiety as on Christmas Eve when I was six-years-old and I had asked Santa for a bicycle.” I completely understood the sentiment and I needed relief. What better than a night out for trashy tales of sex and smut? And in the fullness of pre-election ambiguity, where better to go for bawdy fare than St. Mary the Virgin, San Francisco?
You know, the way that the Episcopal Revisionists (i.e., Apostates) told it to me, it was only Traditional (i.e., orthodox) Anglicans who were obsessed with human sexuality. So it is (you will have to pardon the term) queer to find these folks obsessing over sex in the Bible.

It occurs to me that maybe they had better change the name of the parish, however:

In her closing to the program notes, Hansen (the Rev. Beth Hansen, Senior Associate Rector at SMV) writes:

“Scripture offers witness to a clear pattern of sneaky seductive women becoming very useful to God’s purpose. Ironic that by Eve’s seducing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit we are driven from God’s Grace, yet by many women’s sexual seduction we are given the progeny for redemption back into Grace. With such unexpected Holy results coming from these sneaky seductresses, curious that our Ultimate Redeemer was born of a virgin, or so they say.”

On the bright side, though, another entire parish has had the wisdom to leave this folly behind. THANKS be to God!