Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bible in Miniature - the Christian Kitsch Art of Flo Boatright

This is the kind of thing you cannot (until now) find by staring into your computer screen.  You have to go out into the vast, wind torn center of Route 66 America to find this stuff.  The artist, Flo Boatright, apparently made her way through life without herself or her art being recorded anywhere on the internet.  Even the museum where we found her art could not find unstained hard copies of these little booklets about her.

Let me say at the outset something that still startles me about this great kitsch art:  these pieces are intended to be Christmas tree ornaments!  It is fun to imagine some young children taking a look around the artist's Christmas tree, and finding this macabre collection.

Little of it seems to have to do with Christmas.

This is always good advice:

Either Flo Boatright was fixated on death, or else maybe the Bible is:

I think that must be Saul of Tarsus at right, consenting to St. Stephen's death: 

Perhaps someone can clue me in as to why a bottle of champagne is a symbol for Moses the lawgiver?

Here are a few more favorites of mine:

The dog licking the sores of Lazarus is a nice touch.