Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And, Speaking of Parnelli Jones ...

Here is a race Parnelli Jones really should have won!

Note the cool air brake on the tail of Parnelli's #40 STP car, visible in operation at around 12:41 of this video (and also at 27:35, where the announcers mention it).  It deploys upward to provide aerodynamic drag for braking.

Pay attention also at 25:20, when Parnelli spins the car after going low on the apron to avoid a slower car.

Other race highlights:

At 2:44, Dan Gurney is being interviewed, and predicts that the turbine car might have gearbox failure (I think this is called "foreshadowing").

At 26:40, Mario Andretti loses a wheel.

At 28:00, the STP team has a bungled pit stop.  Jones pulls off before the fuel hose is disconnected from his car, and almost runs over Granatelli's foot.

At 45:30, eventual winner A. J. Foyt comes close to being collected up in a last lap wreck.

Perhaps my favourite part of the video, though, is the interview with Graham Hill, which begins around 2:12.  Many drivers were resentful of the turbine car's speed.  But Hill had a different take:
"I don't think it's unfair at all!  I think it's bloody clever, and full marks to Granatelli for doing it.  I man, it was a hell of a gamble, and it's paid off.  I think he deserves every credit.  I'm only sorry thta I didn't think of it first!"

Ford Racing Interview with Parnelli Jones

Parnelli Jones is nothing short of legendary in racing.  He did so many different things, and did them all well.

This interview is dynamite!