Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink Elephant Antiques - Livingston, Illinois

We happened on this place by accident, while making the return trip to Detroit from a family vacation to Oklahoma.  We only found Pink Elephant Antiques because we missed the turn onto I-70 East, and remained longer than intended on I-55 North.  It is about 35 miles northeast of St. Louis.
When I saw the giant "Muffler Man" in the same lot as a green flying saucer, I knew we had to stop and take a look.  Unfortunately, we arrived after the main building was closed.  So, all I have to share with is photos of the outdoor attractions:

Also, if anyone is planning to make the pilgrimage to this place, PLEASE set aside at least an extra hour to look through the beautiful vintage cars at Country Classic Cars!  It is just 4 miles up the road from Pink Elephant Antiques.