Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thingie Proxy Results from Udine (Italy)

Well, thanks to the Herculean efforts of several gentlemen in Europe, including 'Thingie Kingie' Edo Bertoglio, the 2008 European Thingie Proxy Race continued on to its fourth stop at Udine, in northeastern Italy.

They raced our cars on this beautiful fast track, with the high banked 180-degree turn at one end:

Our Anglican Beach Party Shinoda Mongoose fared better than at Düsseldorf, where we broke, but we were still pretty far back in the pack. After the Udine round, our car sits 19th of 34 cars in the "Fast & Scratchbuilt 1/24" category.

Here is a great short video from Lucio Cocchi, showing just how dangerous this sport can be!

And here on this page may be found Edo Bertoglio's colorful and photo-filled "Proxy Diaries" of the event.

And, finally, a few line-ups with our Anglican Beach Party Shinoda included ...

Here are the 'Noda entries ... (our car is 2nd from left).

And an actual race line-up, showing a larger variety of Thingie bodies ... the ABP entry is at far right.