Monday, July 13, 2009

I met an Episcopelican ...

I think God has just given me either a mild rebuke ... or a hug ... I'm not sure which.

As I neared the end of my commute this morning, an ominous-looking full-sized van followed me through all my tortuous turns into the parking lot. I assumed the driver was going to rebuke me for peeling out from a stop sign or some other form of aggressive driving.

As it turned out, however, he had been intrigued by my FiFNA bumper sticker, which loudly proclaims ORTHODOX ANGLICAN. My interlocutor had been raised Orthodox, and is now an Episcopalian (though, he introduced himself by saying "Episcopelican"). He has been heavily involved in the Cursillo movement for a long time, and his wife has held positions of high responsibility within ECW.

As he spoke, I smelled remnants of some of the best cigar smoke I've ever smelled in my life, wafting from the open windows of his E150 van. He asked if I was still an Episcopalian, and what is an Orthodox Anglican. I explained it to him as best I could, outlining FiFNA and ACNA, and most probably confusing him.

He mentioned his close friendships, through Cursillo, with two local (retired) bishops from the state of Michigan. I consider both of the men he mentioned to be radical enemies of the faith. Still, I couldn't help but like George (for that was his name), and his enthusiasm for the faith.

He mentioned that his Rector was in Anaheim, at General Convention. I didn't want to get involved in that discussion! But we parted in peace, mutually wishing God's blessing on each other.

And I am left to ponder the fact that I sometimes simply keep to my "Hooray for our side" attitude, and forget that actual people are involved. People like George.