Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fort Michilimackinac ... and an idea for TEc.

We've just returned from a brief holiday to Mackinaw City, Michigan, and Mackinac Island. Perhaps I will spam you all with some more photographs later, but right now I'd like to show you this glorious cannon firing from Fort Michilimackinac ... my son Eliot took the photo.

The Anglican church inside the fort was interesting, too. A sign informed us that under British rule, any soldier who failed to show up for church on Sunday was court-martialled!

Given this proposed Resolution for TEc's 2009 General Convention ... I'm sure TEc could think of something creative to do along the lines of the Fort Michilimackinac court-martial idea.

Thought-starters: Miss a Sunday, and it'll cost you 20 decades on the Millennium Development Goals rosary! Or, miss a Pledge payment, and they repossess your car!

IFBB Pro Betty Pariso ... Joe's Crab Shack Commercial.

One of my favorite pro bodybuilders, Betty Pariso, is in a new TV commercial for Joe's Crab Shack.

Check it out!