Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exothermic (Yet Another New Poem)

This morning, I wrote another poem for my wife.  This one is essentially intended as a "Nerd Remix" of the Song, "My Gal is Red Hot"  (see below).  I set two main rules for myself in writing this:  (1) I could not use the word "red"; and (2) I could not use the word "hot".


My gal is exothermic; yours is not.
Allow me to expand upon this thought:
She violates thermodynamic laws.
Her temperature would give Lord Kelvin pause.

She radiates both infrared and light,
And shimmers like a ruby in my sight.
Her aura is a bright photonic maelstrom
Of wavelength nearly 7000 Ångström.

Allow me to continue with my boast:
Her enthalpy of fusion is the most!
Her burning beauty your gal cannot touch.
(About her ΔS, I’ll not say much.)

My opening volley is my parting shot:
My gal is exothermic; yours is not!

© 2015, Paul W. Erlandson

Here is the song mentioned above: