Thursday, December 14, 2017

Poem for Our 32nd Anniversary

Power of Two

(for Cindy on our 25 Wedding Anniversary)

Two-to-the-fifth years of both weal and woe.
All of those wedding guests, where did they go?
Thirty-two years ago: ring, kiss, and vow.
Where is the face of that company now?

Two for a honeymoon, four till we moved;
Eight for adoption to double our love.
Sixteen for schooling the children God gave.
Thirty-two closer to rest in the grave.

Doubling and doubling again down the years.
Two, four, eight, sixteen, each new power premiers
Doublings of joy, love, and high adoration;
Growing by binary multiplication.

Thus do our marital blessings accrue,
Exponents, both, for the power of two.

--Paul Erlandson, 2017