Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eliot Erlandson - Avanti Awards - Magna Cum Laude

I am very proud of my son Eliot, who just competed in the 2nd Annual Avanti Awards , organized by a group called Stellar Scholars. Out of a large and high-quality group of entries this year, he was able to snag the 2nd Place Award (Magna Cum Laude).

It wasn't easy, either. We bought Eliot some 3D rendering software, but it was taking too long to learn, and the model of the car he had sketched months before continued to languish on his laptop, unfinished. The deadline was rushing at him. Finally, he gave up and rendered it in Paint Shop Pro. Originally, he designed it in gold, but one of the organizers requested he change it to red. Here are both versions:

And here are some photos from the awards ceremony. The theme this year was Avanti meets Mustang, and there was a very nice car show along with the event! (In the picture of the 3 winners, Eliot is the one standing closest to the young lady in the gold dress, who presented the trophies.)