Friday, March 13, 2009

T-Shirt Contest Winners!

First Prize goes to Jill C:

"Here we come, walking down the beach . . . hey, hey we're the Primates!"

Honorable mention goes to Rick H., for this fine entry ...

"I thought you said that YOU were bringing the boogie boards."

"No, your grace, I asked you if YOu were bringning them and I distinctly heard you say that you were all over it."

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent in an entry! I myself had thought of some J. Alfred Prufrock spinoff, such as:

I shall wear magenta vestments, and walk upon the beach ...

Anyhow, if you winners would consult the sizes available, as seen in this post, and then contact me (paul @ anglicanbeachparty dot com) ... I'll get your T-shirts sent out to you!