Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Most Delicious Irony Ever.

This is incredible.

Has every single person in the Occupy Wall Street movement lost his sense of irony?  It seem so.  I had to look twice at the web address to make sure I was not reading an article from The Onion!  The mind reels when pondering irony of such an enormous magnitude.

Basically, what we have here is the rich (that is, the Occupy Wall Street protesters) refusing to share their food (how callous, selfish, and insensitive!) with the less fortunate homeless people who have joined their ranks.  Amazing.  Because from the many, many interviews I have seen with these communist agitators, they are supposedly all about pooling all wealth (money, energy, food, etc.) and dividing it equally.  But here they are with their golden opportunity to implement their socialist paradise ... and they've already blown it.  By deciding who is worthy of the food and who is not, they have separated themselves from another group of people simply because they have worked for the food and the others have not.  (Hmmmmm ... what does this remind me of?  Help me out here!)  They have set themselves up as the "upper class", and initiated class warfare against the homeless.  This tells me one thing:  that they do not really believe the bullshit they are spewing.  They are hypocrites, and not worth listening to.

End of story.