Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beautifully Understated

Since the day I first discovered Anglicanism, I have appreciated one thing about its particular aesthetic, and that is how it likes to speak in reserved tones, with all things beautifully understated.

So, imagine my delight to read the following words from the The Rt. Rev’d Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., bishop of the Diocese of Michigan, in commenting on EDOMI's current financial woes:1
We are in a different financial place than where we were even 6 short months ago.
I cannot help picturing a group of Episcopal bishops, gathered together indaba-ing in the Afterlife, when one bishop offers in a solemn tone:
We are in a warmer place than heretofore.

1The letter from Bishop Gibbs goes on to say: The reality is that our anticipated revenue for 2009 and beyond will not exceed $2,000,000 annually (and may actually be less as we have not yet received all of the 2008 Parochial Reports that were due on March 1). We currently have a budget of $2,985,835.

So, EDOMI has a budget of about $3 Million, with projected revenues of less than $2 Million.