Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boycotting Berea.

Over this past weekend, my son and I made a quick trip down to North Carolina to pick up this motor and transmission which we had purchased on ebay last week. 

Most of the weekend was great, including the driving.  But coming back through Kentucky, we had a very annoying experience.  We were trying to make good time back to Michigan, and so we were pleased that the pace of the Kentucky drivers was brisk.

We decided to stop at this Travelers' Center at Berea, to use the restrooms.  I had a good feeling about it, since they correctly place the apostrophe on the sign.

But the good feeling didn't last long.  The city of Berea in all their wisdom, decided to make us go on a 2-mile tour of their town to reach the Travelers' Center, just so we could see how great their town was.  The thing is, we were in kind of a hurry.  They sent us off at Exit 77 rather than Exit 76, which was much closer to the Travelers' Center.

But the great offense was yet to come.  The place was CLOSED!  Totally locked up!  No access to the restrooms!  As a courtesy, they might have thought to put on the sign:  CLOSED on Sundays.

It was about 50 miles to the next rest area.  And now we knew why everyone drives so fast in Kentucky:  They are trying to get into Ohio or Tennessee, so they can pee.

The one redeeming feature of Berea (which I am officially boycotting for their lack of hospitality!) was this space-age looking High School: