Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why "Bro Science" IS Science!

There is a hotly raging debate these days within the bodybuilding community regarding what is pejoratively referred to as "Bro Science."  Proponents of "official" Science mock the efforts at scientific inquiry made by those with no credentials other than dramatic success in bodybuilding.  I made this video to explain why I believe that so-called "Bro Science" very often is a valid form of scientific inquiry.

There is a huge crop of young minds that possesses a truly religious fervor in the worship of Science.  Anyone who has performed official scientific studies for a living (as I have, for a few decades now) knows how messy and subject to human failings "official Science" can be.  Often, the wrong questions are asked, or important variables overlooked and left uncontrolled.  Often there is bias towards one finding as over against the opposite finding.  "Real" science is quite messy, not the clean and simple thing that many of its proponents would have us believe.

Here is my video.

And here is a video from 19-year-old Ian McCarthy, which takes up the opposite view.