Thursday, January 26, 2012

Afraid and Ashamed - A Poem for my Wife

This is a small poetic offering to my wife.

Those of you readers who are long-time Anglicans should easily recognize the source and inspiration for this poem.

              Afraid and Ashamed

But, O my love, who all my weakness knows,
And my corruption, how it overflows;
How comes it that you daily send me out,
To meet with temptings manifold and stout?

Whence comes such holy strength and bravery?
(In view of my historic knavery!)
God's Spirit gives continuous assistance,
To make you brave and end all my resistance,
That I may be effectually restrained
From sin, and to my duty be inclined.

I dread your holy judgments, gentle lover,
In case my pondered misdeeds you discover.
But, too, with grateful sense I shall endeavor
To recollect your goodness to me ever.

Feeling thus, I craft this verse to send you,
Both afraid and ashamed to offend you.

© 2012, Paul Erlandson