Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wall Street Hippies (Part 2)

In my last blog entry, I linked to this We Are the 99 Percent site.

Since then, I've spent some more time looking at the photos of self-pitying and whining over there, and one clear theme is:  Massive student loan debt with a degree which does not guarantee employment.

I will propose to you that this is due in large part, not to corporate greed, but to the self-centeredness of these people with the wrong degrees.  I, too, might have gone to art school:

But I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering, partially because I felt that there was a greater market for that skill.  When you choose to major in something you "just really, really like", it may be that you are being selfish.

The free market is there to provide you information about what degree to take, and in what field.  I will propose to you that those who major in fields other than their most beloved ones are not being greedy.  Quite the contrary, they have the hearts of servants, being willing to subjugate their own selfish desires in order that they may serve where they are really needed, not merely where it is groovy and fun!

This woman, for example, had the chance to make a mid-course correction between her tow degrees and listen carefully to what the market was telling her:

I have to admire this guy, though,because he accepts at least partial blame: