Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Might Be an Anglican News Junkie If ...

You might be an Anglican news junkie if ...

You're currently using an Anglican Mainstream mouse pad.

You know ++Peter Akinola's middle name.

Your screensaver is a photo of Archbishop Gregory Venables.

You have more than 50 posts at StandFirm.

People at work refer to you as that crazy Anglican guy/lady.

You click "Refresh" on the Anglican Curmudgeon's blog page more than 10 times per day.

You know the first and last names of Gene Robinson's "husband."

You are wearing an I Like Iker button.

There is a KJS --> English dictionary on your desk.

You can name at least 3 Anglican Instruments of Unity. Just kidding; there are no Instruments of Unity.

You have a TEC Diocese Countdown Calendar on your wall, which reads: Today's TEC Diocese Count = 111 110 109 ...

You wear a Hot Rod Anglican T-shirt!