Monday, July 28, 2008

Anglican Hooligans ... Represent!

From the Man I Wish I'd Thought of That Department, comes this kool Anglican Hooligan wear, available right now at ...

I know as soon as my next paycheck comes, I'll be stocking up on this merchandise!

And it is for a good cause, too: All proceeds benefit Children's Ministries of St. Francis Anglican Church in Turlock, California.

NPC USA Women's Bodybuilding

The NPC USA Bodybuilding contest was held Saturday, July 26, in Las Vegas.

The big (and I do mean big!) story on the women's side of this contest was the overall win by Isabelle Turell. Isabelle now joins the IFBB Professional ranks. She came into this contest in great condition, sporting about the most extreme V-taper (i.e., wide lats, narrow waist) I have ever seen on a competitor. And check her hamstrings in the side triceps shot ... crazy!!

The 3rd photo is of Claire Rohrbacker-O'Connell, who just moved up to the Middleweight class and finished a very strong 2nd Place. Congrats, Claire!

The 4th and final photo is of Tracy Bodner, who competed in the Lightweight class, and who (with her husband Cameron) coached me through my own recent contest preparation period. They are some of the nicest people you'd ever wish to know. And Tracy's posing is phenomenal.