Friday, February 20, 2009


Cindy and I lived in California for 2 years and 9 months. Years ago, before children. I have to admit, it was Edenic. Every year about this time, when we get another punishing round of winter weather in Detroit, I pine for my lost California. Here is what Cindy and I looked like back then:

And now I have lost California, lost Nadine (the 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix - we donated it to our church), and lost my Vox Phantom VI guitar (to a swap meet in Detroit). But I kept the best: Cindy. Oh, yeah, and I still have that skinny black tie.

I am reminded of these lyrics from the America song, California Revisited:
Heaven may be an answer
If you're lookin' for Eden in the sky
On your waters I see a strange reflection
Rumor has it I'll see you when I die
Everyone I meet is from California
There's dancin' in the streets in California
I cannot find America singing this song on YouTube, but this guy does a very decent cover ...