Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lacrimose "Occupier" Mocked in YouTube Comments.

The only original thing I have to say about this is, "Thank God for their nitwit 'call and response' method of communicating ... otherwise they would have made twice the progress they have actually made!"  Because, as you can see, it takes them twice as long to communicate as it does for normal folks.

There were some great reply Comments to this video on YouTube, so I'll just let the YouTube wags do my work for me today:

I'm glad you'd like to hear (I'm glad you'd like to hear) what I have to say (what I have to say). 
I say, "Please read about the horrors of Communism. The attempts to implement a Communist utopia have resulted in countless dismembered bodies: over 100 million innocent people have been killed in the attempts to enslave the people to the state. Stop demanding that the people turn over their power to the govt so the govt can make things 'fair,' and start fighting for liberty and limited govt."
This one was insightful:
They claim to have jobs. And obviously these "jobs" have given them 5 weeks vacation time with no end in sight. They have nice clothes, cell phones, laptops, video cameras, camping equipment, etc...

So what are they complaining about again?
Another of my favourites was:
I am not a mindless robot. (I am not a mindless robot.)
I, also, am not one of this chick's "dismembered bodies":
Wow... whatever she smoked last night, I want some of it.
In all seriousness, I'm not part of the "dismembered bodies"... I'm part of the 53% of Americans who pay for the idiots who have nothing better than to sit on their ass and tell ridiculous stories that have made me lose about 100 IQ points trying to figure out what the hell they're talking about!!!
This suggestion seems only prudent:

We seriously need to find out this raving moonbat's name and make sure it is permanently linked to this video --- so that any time any future potential employers Google her name, they get this video as the first hit.

You can go read the rest yourself.  Many LOLs are to be had there!