Monday, November 5, 2012

The Finished Tattoo

I blogged here and here about the tattoo I was getting.

Well, it is finally finished!

Props to Adam Brooks at Suicide Kings Tattoo in Canton, Michigan, for this fine work!


Freerun&MMA said...

This tattoo is so cool. It looks like a real man with emotions.

Марко Фрисланд said...

I see you mentioned Flannery O'Connor's book "Wise Blood" in your profile. When I saw your new tattoo, I immediately thought of O'Connor's short story "Parker's Back." This is about a man who has a large tattoo of Jesus on his back. Second, I wondered if the new tattoo hurt while you were being inked. Mine didn't hurt (I have two), but I think tattoos over bones and on a person's private areas can really hurt. O'Connor died in 1964. "Parker's Back" was published posthumously in the 1965 collection "Everything that Rises Must Converge." I have a "Sagrado Corazon" (Sacred Heart) on my left bicep and the "U.S. Army" with a 101st Airborne eagle on my right bicep. Episcopalian guy here.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thank you both!