Monday, November 19, 2012

Homeless Pastor

Why does this guy threaten me so much?

Why does Vincent Pannizzo get under my skin?

Answer:  Because he makes my own life and witness look incredibly wimpy by comparison.

Here is another article on Vincent and his ministry.


Anonymous said...

Hot Rod,
I am trying to get in contact with our brother in Christ, Vincent. I have a box of audio Bibles I would like to send to him for Christmas. Would you happen to know a way to contact him ? (phone number, address of a friend, email) If not, would you know anyone who would ?
In Christ, Phil

Anglican Beach Party said...

I'm sorry, no. I have no way to contact him.

ruzzel01 said...

He has a huge spiritual life.

click here

HealthyAnarchy said...
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HealthyAnarchy said...

(this comment copy and pasted from youtube video about Vincent Pannizzo, guys name who posted it was ... Pat Smyklo)

Vincent Pannizzo, the “Preacher Man”, continues day and night as a servant of Jesus Christ. He ministers to the homeless up and down Fruitvale Ave. in East Oakland, as well as the downtown area of Oakland, CA. I see him every day, so if anyone wishes, a note can be delivered to him through the Mission for the website (no spaces between the words: Mission for the when you type it in the URL).