Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too Close To See The Meaning

Often, my life seems meaningless. Here is one explanation, which occurred to me after finishing a session with my current oil painting.

I make my paintings by peering very closely at the details of a reference photograph and then trying to get the paint on the canvas to resemble what I see (or, think I see; I've been known to get it wrong) in the photograph. I spend a lot of time looking at the canvas very close up, like this:

I push the paint around until it looks about right, but I never think about the pattern it is making - I am too close up to see that. Instead, I have a slavish sort of devotion (or "duty") to the Reference Photo (an analog of Holy Scripture). And I have to admit that, pushing the paint round ... does get old. Why does that old Reference Photo have to be so bloody complex?! It is tedious sometimes, and still I see no pattern or meaning, only abstract shapes and colors.

Finally, when it is time to go to bed, I step away from my easel and take a longer view of what I am working on. Today, it looked like this:

I wonder if, when my life is reviewed from the long view of eternity, there will appear some sort of pattern that pleases the Artist. I do hope so.


Matthew said...

This should cheer you up. You've been tagged! Link back to see what that involves.

Anglican Beach Party said...

This is a Ponzi Scheme, isn't it?

How many years of bad luck will befall me if I don't play?

Matthew said...

I have no idea. I got roped into it through my baby sister. We're having Christmas at her place this year, therefore she has the power of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. If I don't play, she could conceivably serve tofurkey.

BabyBlue said...

Darn it - Matthew all ready got to you, but oh well! You knew that one day the Spammer Gods would get us all. You're it yet again! To figure out what this all means, visit us here - would like to here your six random things. I bet Matthew would like to know to. Oh, and Merry Christmas!