Thursday, December 25, 2008

An Anglican Christmas Story

We made a family decision not to send out our usual home-made Christmas card this year. Umm ... because I didn't come up with a poem for it.

Instead, we made this nifty video, showing Anglican family life, circa 2008.

Hope you enjoy it ... Merry Christmas to all !!!


Perpetua said...

I enjoyed this, but am concerned I was missing a major part of the joke. Why the echo chamber effect -- everyone repeating themselves?
P.S. I thought Violet was the STAR!

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks, Perpetua ... sounds like YouTube is giving you some kind of buffering error. There is not supposed to be any sort of echo!

You are right; Violet is the best actor (actress) in our family. Not even close.


Shay said...

what is the music on the record at the start of the video? I think it's awesome.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Hi, Shay!

That music is O Magnum Mysterium (Tomas Luis de Victoria), from Chanticleer's Sing We Christmas album.

Yours truly,
Hot Rod Anglican

D. Straw said...

I have to say that this was very funny in a sad way. When we needed a parish in our area we found the closest was almost three hours away.


PS-Violet is certainly the star!