Thursday, July 23, 2015

ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach says "Hey".

This is a big day in the life a humble Anglican layman such as myself.

There is an Orthodox Church Council happening in Atlanta, GA. A clergy friend of mine is attending. He texted me this, about bumping into a well-known Anglican there.



Robin G. Jordan said...

What "Orthodox Church Council" was that? There are Orthodox Church Councils and Orthodox Church Councils? Some North American Orthodox groups such as the Orthodox Church in America(OCA) are not considered quite Orthodox by long-established Orthodox Churches.

For those who may interested, the long-established Orthodox Churches take the position that in order for there to be a close ties between Anglicans and Orthodox, Anglicans must adopt Orthodoxy lock, stock and barrel. Unless Archbishop Beach is planning to convert to Orthodoxy and lead the Anglican Church in North America, his presence at such a gathering is not going to accomplish much.

Robin G. Jordan said...

That should have been "lead the Anglican Church in North America into Orthodoxy..."

Anglican Beach Party said...

Robin G. Jordan ...

It was this one:

I don't think it is your place to say how much Archbishop Beach's presence is or is not going to accomplish.