Saturday, February 9, 2013

Planet Fitness: Anti-Bodybuilder. Now, Anti-Hot!

My diligent viewing of the TV show Mad Men should have made me realize that, eventually, every advertising strategy will be used.  Like that VW ad featured in an early episode:

I used to think that advertising would appeal to the desire in us all to be winners, to be the best at something.  But I have completely underestimated the advertising appeal of mediocrity!  No entity had capitalized on the massive thirst for mediocrity (and the attendant fear of the achievements of other) than has Planet Fitness.

I already knew that Planet Fitness was the place where you could safely work out without the danger of building any muscle:

But now, I am surprised to find that (if you are a woman, anyhow) Planet Fitness is the place where you can work out without becoming beautiful (hot)!  Who knew that there was such a pent-up demand to pay for a product or service that leaves you totally unchanged?!  I may have to given more consideration to my "instant water" scheme.

Planet Fitness had "pizza nights" and bowls of Tootsie Rolls at the door, to help guarantee that you don't turn into a bodybuilder or a hottie.  I still have to admit that it is surprising to me how many folks want to be comforted in their mediocrity rather than urged on to excellence.


Prester Scott said...

Just to play devil's advocate: not everyone can, or more often wants to, put in the amount of time, effort and cost (Planet Fitness bills itself as the low-price alternative, too) to achieve physical excellence. This is no sin, it's just a choice of priorities. If you have made that choice, then you would probably feel more comfortable and less judged around others who have made the same choice; also, you don't need to be paying the leases on all the same equipment. My problem with that is the smugness and the reverse judgmental attitude, that those who have chosen to be great athletes are somehow bad.

Anonymous said...

it's been my experience that the big intimidating guys are always the first to give you a spot and pointers on your workout. never have i been laughed at or talked about behind my back. even when i am, once again, trying to get "back in shape"! you're right, paul. these commercials just play into the fear and intimidation aspect of overly self conscious people. unfortunately, they are out there! i wish our world didn't coddle and encourage people's insecurities. but, alas, it does.

Anglican Beach Party said...

I would agree with your most of your comments, Prester Scott. Yes, the reverse judgmental attitude is mind-blowing.

Cletus - that has been my experience, too.