Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gym Bans Skinny People!

This is just a logical extension of the Planet Fitness anti-bodybuilder, anti-fitness mindset:

Sorry, skinny people -- you can’t work out here.

One gym in Canada is taking the growing “plus-size friendly” gym trend to the extreme and banning too-trim gym rats from exercising at its facility.

Body Exchange in Vancouver has a strict policy that only allows plus-size women to join their fitness center.

Founder and CEO Louise Green told last week that the gym is a “safe haven” for overweight people.

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The obvious question is:  What if (horror of horrors!) one of the members actually succeeds at weight loss?  Does she get kicked out of the gym?  After all, her newly slim body is a non-welcoming threat to new members!  It is more likely, however, that the gym owners know that none of their clients will succeed.

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