Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sometimes, You Just Have to Feel Sorry for Atheists ...

I was driving my family home at about 1:00 am this morning, through the darkness of I-75 in Genesee County, we saw this billboard, blazing at us with what seemed a million watts:

You kind of have to feel sorry for the atheists, really.  I mean, the odds are long enough, what with them pitting themselves against centuries of belief in God.

But now, to take on Christmas ... I don't know how they think they can win this one?


Brian Westley said...

Whoooooosh! is the sound of the point going over your head.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Oh, I think I got the point, Brian. They are appealing to Santa Claus as a source of authority for proper human behavior.

The irony is quite rich.

TLF+ said...

They always claim to believe in "science and reason." So now a lame emotional appeal for "victimhood"?

Brian Westley said...

Oh, I think I got the point, Brian.

No, you really didn't. "to take on Christmas" shows you missed the entire point of the ad.

You can read about their ad campaign here if you like, where they explain what the ads are about (hint: they aren't taking on Christmas)

Anglican Beach Party said...

Brian ... I was not so much speaking of their intent in creating an ad like this, but about the way it is likely to be seen by a majority of those who see the ads.

I still think it is hilarious for them to try to use St. Nicholas as an authority to shore up their point of view.

There is, of course, rampant mockery of Christians by atheists. It would be too mild to call much of the atheist venom against Christians simply "anti-Christian bias", but that term could fit. So, I suppose the atheists need to do a little introspection in this department, if they believe it is so wrong.

Then again, is this "bias" even wrong? Is it wrong to treat people differently based on what they believe? After all, someone foolish enough to believe in God (or "flying spaghetti monster" as you might prefer to put it) is likely to do any number of other bizarre and foolish things. So, really, I don't think anti-atheist bias by Theists is in any way avoidable, nor do I think that anti-religious bias by aTheists is at all avoidable.