Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Team Beachbody COACH ... Really?

I have to admit, the subtle ways of business often elude me.  And so it is with the Team Beachbody brand ...

I mean, I understand the basic idea.  They want to sell as much product as possible (e.g., P90X® and Shakeology®), and they hope to put their customers to work as salesmen.  I get that.

But the folks I've seen so far who have presented themselves to me as Team Beachbody Coaches are ... well ... umm ... let's just say I don't picture them as ever (past, present, or future) having beach bodies.  They are, to be blunt, quite fat.

Is it just me, or wouldn't you think that the company would want to limit itself to spokespeople who actually made it seem like perhaps the products worked?  Because I sure don't get that impression from they guys I have seen hawking these products as Team Beachbody Coaches!


Jackie said...

Hey Hot Rod, I get what your saying, but the truth is that most Coaches are on their journey of living healthier, losing weight & getting fit. They are just normal people such as teachers, secretaries, fire fighters or stay at home moms.

The programs & products offer people the tools to improve their health and fitness. Some want to look like a fitness model, others don't. Other obese, overweight or out of shape people see us taking initiative and making positive changes in our lives and it shows them that it's possible for them to do it also. They just might need a little guidance. That's what Coaches do.

Personally, I'm on that journey (and I'm a Coach). I've come a long way in about 8 months, but I still have a ways to go. By me showing others that this overweight, 46 y/o mom can do P90X & Insanity, lose weight and get fit, they can do it to (if they apply themselves).

Some people in the business are network marketers and don't care about the health & fitness aspect of the company. They're in it to recruit & make money. Fat or fit, you can make a good extra income by being a Coach :)

The company was founded on helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Just thought I'd give you my 2 cents worth :)

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks for your input, Jackie. I still think that, for someone who has not completed his/her journey, the title "coach" may be a bit of a stretch.

And, personally, I would not take advice from someone who has never seen the journey all the way through.

You make a good point about Coaches making extra money. I think that is the root of it all.

The specific Team Beachbody Coaches that I know ... DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Their advice is actually quite clueless. I suppose that if beginners prefer to take advice from someone just a few steps ahead of them on the fitness trail, that is their prerogative.