Monday, October 10, 2011

These Occupy Wall Street losers really are an endless source of entertainment.  It would be even more amusing if I didn't know that half of them would murder me in my sleep, given the chance.  I have become really addicted to scouring YouTube to look for more of their drivel to listen to.

This video was fruitful for a few different reasons.  The woman at 0:58 is a nit-wit.  She advocates free college education for all.  As to who is going to fund this "free" education, her only remark is that, "then you have to look into tax dollars."  Genius.  A lot of my more intelligent FB friends that are Leftists are defending OWS by saying that they have the same gripe at root as the Tea Party.  But they do not.  They are, in fact, the opposite of the Tea Party, and this woman proves it.  The guy at 1:30 says that absolutely, the central government should take over the banks.  I've not heard many Tea Partiers espouse that notion.

My favorite buffoon, though is the arrogant guy at 2:15 who, after kicking his less-experienced fellow protester off camera, admits that, yes, he is a leader of this leaderless movement.  But that is not his master stroke.  That comes at 2:32, where he announces that he is an out-of-work Plumber's Helper.  To help the chap out, here is a photo of a plumber's helper:

 The guy who appears from 5:15 through 5:30 is the most reasonable person interviewed here.  To quote him:

"It's not gonna do shiiiiiiit."

"All these people's not gonna be here in a little while.  Let one really good bad wind come through ... it's gonna be empty, man."

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