Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Top 5 "I Need You" Songs!

The notion "I Need You" is an oft-repeated theme in pop music.  I believe that each of these 5 songs (not covers of the same song; each is unique!) were either in my or my brother's record collection when we were kids.  I happen to like them all, which makes it hard to rate them, but here goes:

Number 5 - The Beatles

Number 4 - America

Number 3 - Paul Revere & the Raiders

Number 2 - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Number 1 - The Who

If any reader cares to make me aware of glaring omissions (perhaps more modern ones?) from this list, please feel free to do so!

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Fr. Charles Erlandson said...

This is a good list: I used to always carry such a list around in my head. I especially like The Who and The Raider's "I Need You"s. Thanks for sharing this.