Sunday, March 7, 2010

RxMuscle Masters @ Metro Gym in Columbus, Ohio.

One of the many cool things about attending the Arnold Sports Festival (and Arnold Classic bodybuilding Expo) is having the chance to meet up with other enthusiasts of Physical Culture, and sneak in a workout at some local hardcore gym.

Saturday, I worked out with some of the "Masters" (that means "old") guys from the RxMuscle forums, at Metro Gym (9 E. Long Street) in Columbus, Ohio.

Though a couple of us were still drained from competing the day before, it was a stellar workout. We fed off each other's enthusiasm, and had better lifts than we possibly could have by ourselves, alone in our respective gyms back home. It is an incredible thing to have communicated for many months with these men on the internet forum, and then to have them suddenly spring to life in front of you, in full 3-D, muscles pumping, with spirits high!

The building itself is a beautiful old high-ceilinged bank building, and that early 20th Century charm only added to the energy of the workout.

But enough babbling. Here are photos!

Not bad for a bunch of old guys!

This is me on the flat bench press.

Here I am spotting Rod, a powerlifter friend.

Can you tell it was shoulder day?

Ed and Mike compare quads. Respect!

Blasting arms!

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