Saturday, October 10, 2009

TEc Re-Imagines Itself

As you know, I rarely have anything good to say about The Episcopal church ... but this time I must applaud them.

As this video signals, they have re-defined themselves. No longer are they a church. They are now an International Health and Wellness Advocacy Group.

Congratulations on their new mission. It is a good fit for them. They were no good at trying to be a church.


Prester Scott said...

Brilliant observation, sir.

This is great stuff... for an international relief agency. They just need to trim that baggage about "Christ" and "Sacraments" and "the Book of Common Prayer" -- it really just seems to be getting in the way of their real work.

Of course, they really don't offer any relief from sin, death and hell, but neither do UNESCO, Oxfam, etc.

The Underground Pewster said...

I watched this the other day and was left without any sense of Christ's victory, no sense of redemption, just angst about the people in charge of this denomination along with some other feelings that I do not care to mention.