Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our First Trophy

We went to the 9th Annual "Bash at the Beach" at Detroit's "Metro Beach" today. This is a regional meet for the Fairlane Club of America. For the past several years, schedule conflicts or mechanical issues with the car had prevented us from attending.

Today was fabulous, from the perfect weather, to some great conversation with fellow Fairlaners. (The FCA allows Mercury equivalents of the Fairlanes to join, so our Meteor fits the bill.) And, lastly, Eliot's car received its first-ever car show trophy. It got 3rd place in the 1962-65 Fairlane/Meteor class.

Here is the cool trophy they gave out:


Becca said...

Hey Paul,
Catching up on the blogs and just had to say, lovely trophy! I am not going to comment on any of the catholic stuff or anglican stuff or whatever becaue I know nothing about it! LOL. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time at the car show!

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks, Becca!

The car show was really fun.

Don't worry about no commenting on the Anglican/Catholic stuff. You're better off ignoring church politics (though I don't seem able to follow that advice myself!). Just scroll on past.

Your post over at SiouxCountry seems to be getting people interested in the Monster Mash show in October. Cool!