Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Very Model of a Father Disciplinarian

I found this to be delightfully clever ...

I saw it here on Fr. Steven Kelly's YouTube page ... and it is from the recently concluded St. Michael's Conference for Youth - Midwest. This is a week-long conference for Anglican youth which my son and many of his Anglican friends attended. It is an amazing week for the kids, though it seems to almost kill the priests and others on staff!

The "Father Disciplinarian" is Fr. Paul Sterne, and his talented accompanist is Fr. Ron Drummond.


texanglican said...

This is surely a product of St. Michael's Youth Conference--Midwest up in Michigan. I am pretty sure the pianist is Fr. Ron Drummond, a wonderful musician who is now rector of St. Stephen's, Hurst, Texas. I do not know the Father Disciplinarian here, unfortunately. For those who don't know about St. Mike's, it is often called "Anglo-Catholic boot camp" and now has campuses all over the country. I have been honored to teach Bible two years at St. Mike's, Southwest, in the diocese of Fort Worth (where Fr. Drummond also serves). More can read about this marvelous conference for dedicated Christian teens at

Anglican Beach Party said...

Texanglican ... YES, I should have introduced the clip as being from St. Michael's Conference, Midwest. I will modify the blog entry to reflect that.

The video is from Fr. Kelly's YouTube site (Fr. Kelly is on staff at St. Michael's), and the Father Disciplinarian is Fr. Sterne.