Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Art Work Will Be For Sale

One of the things that has limited me as a visual artist, as I mentioned here, is that I am very slow at it. That means my output is limited and so there are just not many of my paintings to be had. But now, thanks to a site called RedBubble, this will be changing. Various types of prints of many of my paintings will soon be available there for purchase. Some are already available, such as this one:

This is the painting of mine that comes closest to Photorealism. Many people have mistaken it for a photograph, in fact. I had it at an open-air Art Fair years ago, and very few people gave it a second glance. They thought it was simply a large photographic print. I'm particularly pleased with the success I had in rendering the chrome.

Please go and check my RedBubble site from time to time. More works will be added soon!


JackOfClubs said...

Glad to see School of the Prophets is available. What is the advantage of the RedBubble site? I have a couple of friends that sell their artwork on eBay: Autumn Davidson and Natalie EwertEBay has good name recognition and a fairly straightforward commerce format. I had a little trouble with the formatting on your RedBubble site, but then I use IE8 which is not compatible with some sites for reasons that I don't really understand.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks "Jack" for the comments. RedBubble is a "publish on demand" site. They only make the prints/posters when somebody places an order. They also take care of the credit card processing, shipping, etc.

With eBay, the physical art product would have to exist first. To do that cost-effectively, you'd have to make a lot of the prints and hope (speculate) that folks would buy them. I did this once: paid a lot of money to get 500 lithographs made. I sold perhaps 10 or 20 of them. So, I lost a lot of money on that deal.

RedBubble may not be the best site of this sort (for one thing, it is located in Australia, not where my customers are likely to be). But I will give it a try for several months at least before trying elsewhere.