Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Livin' the Low Life

Well, for once, an upgrade! I often fall into the trap of believing that everything in the world is getting worse and worse, day by day. It is an easy mistake to make, what with President Obama taking a few hundred billion dollars, every other day, from productive, hard-working Americans, and giving it away to those who are not. Political power-grabs and paybacks abound, all at taxpayer expense. "Tax breaks" for those who already pay zero tax.

But it took my 14-year-old son to introduce me to something really fresh and wonderful, via the blessing that is the SPEED channel. It's a little show hosted by Vida Guerra, and called Livin' the Low Life. It is nominally about the Lowrider car hobby, but I've seen two episodes now, and it is really about a larger segment of the old-car hobby than just lowriders. It is segment-busting, in a good way. When you take a larger view of life, rat rodders, lowriders, old school customizers, and even back-to-stock restorers actually have a lot more in common than they have to divide them.

This YouTube video will give you a taste of what the show is like:


Matthew said...

The Speed channel is probably the one I watch the most these days. Pinks is strangely addictive and for auto buffs, the car auctions are sheer eye candy.

The best car show, has been and still is Top Gear, which is on BBC America. Their last show had me pricing out Dodge Challengers (!!!) for an hour or so this morning.

Luckily sanity returned.

That presenter in the low rider show does seem to bend over a lot, doesn't she?

Anglican Beach Party said...

Matthew ... I totally agree about Top Gear. My son turned me on to that show, also. (Confound these teenage kids and their heaps of disposable time!)

"Captain Slow" is my favourite. I loved the "crossing the desert" episode, and the one where they tested the Peel (micro-car).

I like Pinks, too, and Pass Time ... except that my son beats me about 2 out of 3 times.

lee said...

Pinks keeps me glued to the screen, sometimes quite dramatic. Pinks also helping a resurgance of Drag Racing,Keep It Up.

"Livin the Low Life" has sure changed my opinion of the hobby. Seeing the activity and family life style shown in the show looks great. I realize we only see the best of the best of the membership but they are doing a good thing.