Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Would Archbishop Cranmer Think?

The Book of Common Prayer ... now has a MySpace.

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Canon Tallis said...

The problem with the My Space version is that it is filled with bloopers and bits of misinformation to the point that anyone who reads it will miss the whole point of the prayer book. For example, it states that when Edward VI died his successor, Mary I, restored "Catholic worship" when what Mary actually did was to restore the use of the Sarum rite and papal supremacy which is something quite different. The real truth is that the use of the prayer book in obedience to its own directions and rubrics is "Catholic worship" which should be evident to anyone who has ever walked into a protestant church for what they think of as "worship."

Since the truth is that without the accession of Elizabeth I and her reform and restoration of the prayer book faith and worship Cranmer and Knox's work would be no more than a footnote in English history, the real question should be "What would Queen Elizabeth I think?