Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're Queer ... We're Here ... To Disrupt Your Worship

This attack by militiant homosexuals happened about 50 miles from my parish ...

Read about it here.

And from a sympathetic source, here.

Some of the comments at StandFirm are helpful.

As I've said before, there will be Christian martyrs made over this issue. The question is not if, but when? ...

A number of other questions occur to me, such as:

1) Would they have dared to try this in a mosque? What would have been the outcome?

2) How can we best protect against these people who wish to stop us from worshipping our God in peace? How can we make this costly enough for them that they will be forced to severely limit this sort of activity?

3) At what point would such people be satisfied? I can answer that one, at least: They will not be satisfied until every individual Christian and every church which believes homosexual sex to be sinful ... is utterly silenced.

In any case, brothers and sisters, I want you to take note of one thing: What you do on Sunday morning, kneeling in your pews, lifting your hearts up unto the Lord, adoring Christ in the Eucharist, affirming the historic Christian faith by reciting The Creed ... these are not small and insignificant things. They are actions which take place before the throne of God, in heaven. And, because Christ has taught us to pray, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven ... the earthly strongholds of God's enemies are torn down when we worship God in the beauty of holiness.

God's enemies are aware of this, I think, if only instinctively. And, thus, they attack the problem at its proper root: the public worship of God.


Anonymous said...

"... there will be Christian martyrs made over this issue."

Having a church service disrupted does not make a martyr. LOL.

Homosexuals have good reason to be angry about being second class citizens. If you let them have equal rights, they will leave you alone; if you don't, I hope, as well as every freedom loving American should, they continue fighting for their rights.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Well masturbation, a martyr is a witness for the Gospel. In this wider sense, of course, there have already been martyrs in this conflict. But, make no mistake, Christians at some point will be killed in the United States of America for not submitting to the demands (for silence, among other things) of radical homosexuals.

I wish you were right that "equal rights" would satisfy such people. But they will not. They do not want Christians to have the right to proclaim the Biblical truth that homosexual sex is sinful.

They do not believe in Free Speech for traditional Christians.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Also, one has to wonder why the protesters came into the church armed with baseball bats and other weapons.

For intimidation now ... for physical bashing at some future point, I am sure.

M said...

What happened at the church was an attempt to marginalize Christians, it was an act of persecution, just like the nazi's and the fascists did. This wasn't an example of protesting against some wrong, this was the targeting of innocent human beings, because they have a faith in something the so called protesters aren't capable of understanding. The community of those united by their love God, and their commitment to live their lives in accordance with their faith.

The way I see it, homosexuals are not marginalized, they have a corrupt, obscenely wealthy and powerful lobby, they align themselves with a corporation like PG&E, that has murdered many, many, innocent Californians, by dumping the carcinogen chromium 6 into the water table, they stole from the ratepayers and taxpayers of California, their executives mocking the poor and struggling who only sought to question them based on their rights. The "no on prop 8" organization took a quarter million dollars from PG&E.

Whatever these people might have started out believing in, has been abandoned in favor of giving themselves over to hate, and intolerance. In that they've become what they probably initially told themselves they despised. In short, they are cowards and fascists, they do not deserve respect, only contempt.

I used to support gay rights, I used to be a liberal democrat, until I became fed up with the corruption and the hypocrisies that were no longer easy to ignore.

J. Ballard said...

Christians don't have heros, we have martyrs. Suffer well.

TL said...

Gee what a name! Question for you....Exactly what rights are these people not getting? The have the right to vote, they have a right to go anywhere and protest (as witnessed), they have a right to work anywhere, they have a right to eat anywhere, they have a right to name anyone they want as their beneficiary, they have a right to open a bank account jointly with anyone they want, exactly what right are they missing that I have and everyone in the USA shares? The word "Marriage"? Marriage is not a civil right!

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