Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Goth & Gothic ...

I found several more photos in my files from the Goth & Gothic photoshoot with Ivy Blue which, as it turns out, took place in July, 2003. This was just a few weeks before The Episcopal Church (although it was still calling itself ECUSA* back then) held its General Convention in Minneapolis. Something noteworthy happened at that year's General Convention, but I cannot quite recall what it was.

Oh, yes, I forgot to say in the last entry: The church is St. John's Episcopal Church of Detroit.

And the car ... The car is the original Mr. Venables, the first 1963 Mercury Meteor I owned, named after Theodore Venables, the Rector of Fenchurch St. Paul, in the Dorothy L. Sayers mystery, The Nine Tailors.

*Old enough, now, to change your name ...
When so many love you, is it the same?
-- Neil Young (Cowgirl in the Sand)


KAY4 said...

I LOVE that book! (9 Tailors). The TV dramatization with Ian Carmichael was pretty good, too. We always haul it out for New Years to watch. My late father, a Yorkshireman who pulled a rope in his youth, would always look at the ceiling on Trinity Sunday during the second verse of Holy, Holy, Holy. Force of habit, I did the same this year and the folks standing behind me in my VA parish church wondered what I was doing. I simply said that I was looking for the emeralds. :-)

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks, KAY4 ... We have the Ian Carmichael dramatization, too. After having watched it 2 or 3 times as a family (and with our kids knowing our Mercury Meteor was named Mr. Venables) ... my son noticed a line in the video that made us laugh.

It is near the end, when the town is flooding, and everyone is gathering in the church. Lord Peter is going to check on the sluice gates, and Mr. Venables calls out to him: Lord Peter, be our Mercury!

There are a few other Lord Peter dramatizations that are available. We have Murder Must Advertise, and at least one other.